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Ladies Section

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Mrs Sandra Reed

Lady Captain 2023/24

The Captains’ have chosen to share their charity for 2023/4 - SARS, the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service, a local cause with a big impact.  SARS volunteer responders include consultants in emergency medicine, anaesthetists and critical care paramedics who are based in their local communities and who can be the first medical resource on the scene, a speed of response which can be crucial in a life-threatening situation.  They assist the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service by providing advanced medical care to patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions or trauma who require an enhanced level of medical care before they reach hospital.  SARS receive no central government funding and relies entirely on donations to fund equipment and training for their clinical volunteers.  Reg. Charity No 1168764

2023 Ladies Committee

Gwen Keywood
Pat Coates
Handicaps & Competitions Representative
Josie Aves
Lady Golfer of the Year & Medals/Stablefords
Dawn Byrom
Lay Cup / Australian Spoons
Aileen Coleman
Divisional Meetings & SLCGA website events
Louise Crouch
Buddy System 18-Hole and 9-Hole members
Audrey Finch
18-Hole Eclectics & Support for 9-Hole Eclectics
Yvonne Horne
GK9-Hole Representative / GK 9-Hole Competitions and Eclectics
Melanie Lesser
Suffolk Golf Days/Open Days
Melanie Lesser
English Golf Delegate - 100 Club SLCGA
Sandra Reed
Wendy Flack
Vice-Captain / Friendly & Winter League Matches


Competition Rules 18-Hole Ladies WHS 2022

Competition Rules Eclectics 9 & 18 Hole WHS 2022

GK 9-Hole Competition Rules

Procedures for all Ladies Competitions

Dress Code

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