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Course is currently Open

With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies and 6th on temporary green.

02.10.2017 09:32

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    bigpicCourse Update

    6th Green

    Remedial work has been underway on the 6th green to help speed up its establishment. The work has included hollow-coring, the application of heavy top dressings to create the correct levels, and the replacement of weaker turf areas with established turf taken from other greens.

    The key aim is to reach a point where the mowing height of the grass on the 6th green can be reduced to the same height as the other 17 greens so that all 18 greens are consistent in height and speed. Progress with work has been steady in accordance with weather conditions, and it has been extremely helpful to have the green out-of-play to allow work to be carried out during the daytime after the frosts have lifted and the dew cleared.

    At present, some warmer weather is required to make the grass respond to the fertiliser and grow more vigorously so that the top dressings can be applied more frequently without fear of smothering the grass. Warmer temperatures are also required to encourage the growth of the seed which will help create a sustainable sward.

    The current bout frosty weather and cold winds has not enabled this growth to happen as yet, and therefore the green will be rested for another two to three weeks while we wait for temperatures to increase and for better, sustainable growth to come.

    We will keep you up to date when we will be opening the 6th green. Progress will be monitored and the maintenance requirements for the green will be adjusted accordingly.

    Typically, we anticipate that growth will be much better by mid-May when the risk and likelihood of more night-time frosts will disappear.

    Scorecard Input

    Many of you will have already noticed that we now have a new score entry system for club competitions. When you complete your round you will be able to enter your own score in the shop on the PSI unit in the middle of the Pro Shop. After entering the scores the cards then need to be posted in the same scorecards box as before.

    The system will then update the scoreboard in both the Pro Shop and Clubhouse, giving ‘real time’ scores.

    The system has the ability to be expanded at a later date to include bookings of tee times for competitions. The pro shop staff will be available to help you out.

    We hope you enjoy the improvements

    Mike Verhelst