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  • Monthly Programme

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    Preferred Lies

  • Routine Order of Play

     ON SATURDAYS STARTING AT THE 11th TEE IS NOT PERMITTED AFTER 9:00 HOURS GROUPS PLAYING THROUGH THE 1ST AND 11TH TEE MAY CONTINUE PLAYING PROVIDED THEY STARTED IN THE CORRECT GROUP NUMBER AND TIME SLOT FROM THE OTHER TEE – COURSE ETIQUETTE STILL APPLIES AT ALL TIMESWhen there is a tee closure, on any weekday, falling between 8.00am and 10:59am, the routine order of play is suspended for that day, and free play applies on either starting tee in groups of any acceptable number. You may start before or after the designated tee closure, but not during.If you choose your start time poorly, and arrive at a closed tee, you may not continue until the tee opens. Please be aware that this simplification means two, three, and four balls will be on the course in the same play time. We ask that you be aware of “Course Etiquette” and call faster groups through. Also in an effort to keep play moving, during the period of winter rules, in social golf only, you may:-1) Leave the pin unattended, this will save time and a lot of wear around the hole. You will obviously remove it if you have a decent chance to hole out.2) Play “ready” golf on the tee and green.3) Expect the first player to hole out to pick up the pin ready for replacement.4) Play alternate shots on adjacent tees and greens, rather than wait for whole groups to finish.5) Leave your bag in a sensible position for a speedy exit from a green.Chair of Handicaps & Competitions 2014


    1st Tee08:00 - 09:3009:30 - 11:00
    Monday3 & 4 Balls2 Balls
    Tuesday2 Balls3 & 4 Balls
    Wednesday2 Balls3 & 4 Balls
    Thursday2 Balls3 & 4 Balls
    Friday3 & 4 Balls2 Balls
    11th Tee08:00 - 09:3009:30 - 11:00
    Monday2 Balls3 & 4 Balls
    Tuesday3 & 4 Balls2 Balls
    Wednesday3 & 4 Balls2 Balls
    Thursday3 & 4 Balls2 Balls
    Friday2 Balls3 & 4 Balls
  • 9 & 18 Hole Golf Tee Reservations, Social Events – please note these are correct at the time of publishing but are subject to change. Please check the Tee Information Boards.  Over the Winter period – please check whether the course is open due to weather conditions - Pro Shop – 01284 755978/Office 01284 755979 – Thank you